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Who should contribute to this foundation?

– Every business, every corporation (domestic and foreign) that does business with or in America.
– Every person in America who can say: “America has been good to me”.
– A personal message from the Author (Frank Fini) of Starting Even USA:

Be generous in your support and help me bring this message of hope to America and possibly the world. Your generous contribution is tax-deductible as Starting Even is a non-profit foundation.

How To Order

Ordering the book is simple. You first fill out the form. After filling out the form you will be sent to a download page which will contain a link that allows you to down load the book in a .pdf file and a link that allows you to download Adobe Acrobat® Reader™ 4.0, which you will use to read the .pdf file.


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When sending a donation via check to Starting Even, please note that we expect your honesty and trust that you will send the donation amount that you enter below. All donations are tax deductible.

Ideas and Deeds can change the World:

– Not Wars
– Not Revolutions
– Not Dictators
– Not Kings
– Not Queens

But: Ideas, Deeds, Common Sense and Decency