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Frank Fini
He Has The Vision. He Has The Written Plan To
Reinvent America, Reinvent Democracy, & Reinvent The World!!

I want the rich to be rich, and the smart to be smart and the rest of the world to always have hope, because hopeless people are dangerous people...

We have become a vulgar, ill-mannered, greedy, selfish, heartless and violent society and I want to bring peace, stability, prosperity for everyone and give the world a HEART with one single program, which is STARTING EVEN USA, a national, individual, revocable investment fund with behavior strings attached.

STARTING EVEN USA can be done State-by-State, Country-by-Country or home-by-home. We need your support. Please send all contributions to:

Starting Even USA
9100 LimeBay Blvd # 212
Tamerac, FL 33321

We need your support!!


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