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This plan derives from the book written by Frank Fini called
"More Than A Vision A Plan - For Americas Future"
To cure the cancer that is eating away at its very heart...


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You will empathize with his thoughts when he puts forth a revolutionary plan that may very well be the best plan that a human mind has ever conceived. These ideas have the potentiality to:

Reunite People,
Reunite Nations, and Most of all,
Reunite Generations, and, Best of all
Preserve the Individual Goals and Dreams.

Starting Even USA is not just a book, it's not just a plan, it is THE PLAN for the future. We gave Christianity 2,000 years, we gave Democracies over 200 years, and where are we???

Where is equality? Where is justice? Where is that level playing field? Where is that magic pill to help us raise decent human beings? Human beings with:

Honesty... Integrity... Honor... Compassion & Generosity!!

This book will give a brand new meaning to peace on earth and good will toward your fellow man. So, let's all of us join together and give 'Starting Even USA' a chance. We will bring peace, stability and prosperity to the world by taking the violence out of human behavior and taking the hate out of the human heart.

No Beneficiary Investment Fund. D.B.A. Starting Even USA.

It has been my life experience that the only thing that changes people's behavior is if they have something to gain or something to lose. 

$5,000 Per Child.
Limited to 2 children per family. Not to be touched until the children reaches the age of 30.

The average investor will tell you that $5,000 well-watched in 30 years could accumulate to well over $200,000. (If you want more babies, parents contribute).

In order to collect the $200,000+ you must be alive, be 30 years of age, must finish high school, and be free of convictions of murder, drug dealing, rape, treason, terrorism and other major crimes. Last but not least, to have a record of voting for at least two presidential elections. if these requirements are not met, the money that is accumulated will be re-invested on new babies. 

I picture this as being Government sponsored, privately managed
(selective financial houses) founded through Government and people's donations.

This project is estimated at less than twenty billion dollars a year
(there are 3 1/2 to 4 million babies born every year in this country). It is a national problem so lets get the whole country involved.

People leave millions of dollars to cats, dogs and relatives they don't care for. Imagine having a foundation that we can all identify with. People and corporations all want to help, we just have not given them the proper avenue.

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